10 Ways to Make Money Writing Content

For business, writing is one of the most effective tools and the best methods that might be used for marketing and advertising. Every successful business owner knows the importance of content marketing and social media marketing. Writing is the basis for both of these methods to reach the clients.

Monetizing your business experience using writing skills is a must for an entrepreneur, a freelance writer, a blogger, and basically for anyone who writes online.

In this article, we will tell about the most efficient way to earn money with your texts and explain how exactly you can promote your business over the Internet.

Why can content be used for making money?

Today, content is not just something that might be presented on your website to make it look better but also an important marketing tool. Content is used to promote you in search engines, to generate more traffic, to generate leads, and to encourage people to purchase something (if you are an online store), to order some services (if you are a service company), or just to become your follower (if you are a blogger).

Modern Internet users have got used to various content, they spend hours on Facebook, different blogs, online newspapers, and magazines. Perhaps, you have already noticed that you do not read everything, but if you find something that catches your attention, you cannot refuse to read it here and now.

Of course, for writers, no matter whether they are bloggers, writers who provide custom writing services, or company copywriters, it is vital to find proper words to attract the attention of readers and really make them read the article.

The more time your website visitors spend on the page, the better it is for SEO, and your rankings will increase.

Ways of monetizing writing in business

The means to get benefits from writing are similar for every kind of writing on the Internet. If you want to promote your writing to reach business goals or to reach your own goals, these recommendations will be useful to you.

1. Write useful information

The best way to make your content bring you money and more visitors is to make it useful to the readers. The Internet is full of information, however, frequently this information is not valuable.

The matter is that many writers do not care about the effect they create with their articles. They just want to write something, and they think neither about their target audience nor about the satisfaction of the desires of their audience.

2. Create unique content

Another point that is not interesting to the writers is the uniqueness of the content. Of course, they take care about the technical uniqueness, which means that the content should be plagiarism-free, but this effect can be reached by rewriting articles. However, rewrite is not enough to attract the attention of your readers.

The matter is that they have already read that, and for them, the same ideas represented in the same words are not enough to enjoy writing and to subscribe to your blog or website.

3. Share your experience

If you want to monetize your writing, you should remember that you need to write for people creating some exclusive content full of interesting ideas. Your experience is really something that you may use for generation of the ideas for content. Just remember that the experience that you share needs to be related to the sphere of your website or blog.

It is always better to support your experience with some proof, for example, photos or videos. Many people trust what they see, not what they read, so make use of this knowledge.

4. Experiment with email marketing

If you have a blog or a website, filling it even with unique content is not enough. You need to build communication with your readers using the option of email marketing. Of course, you need to do something to make your visitors leave their contacts so that you can send them emails. This is called a lead generation.

There is a small hint: if you want to do an experiment with lead generation forms, just promise your readers to give them something they want, for example, a piece of useful information or some discount. Thus, they will wait for your email with anticipation.

5. Give a try to guest blogging

Guest blogging is one of the ways to earn money for freelance writers, but this is also a good way to monetize writing and promote your website or business online. For example, you may contribute posts and articles to different sources where you will tell about the benefits of your company.

Guest blogging will help you if you want to promote your writing skill.

6. Use Medium and Quora

If you want to find more clients, more subscribers, and more people who are interested in your niche, you need to go to Quora and Medium.

Medium is a platform for blogging where you can choose a niche and post there everything you want sharing your experience with other readers. This is actually one of the best ways to attract the attention of new people as you can also leave comments and read other writers from your niche.

Quora is a portal where people ask questions and leave answers to them. You just need to find the questions where you can use your experience.

7. Give insights

We have already mentioned the experience that you may use in your writing, but there are some other things that are also important. These things are insights.

Insight is a knowledge that is common to many people but we do not pay attention to it in our lives. However, these insights must reach the hearts and souls of people. If you know some insights in your niche or field, you must use them to share the information.

8. Contribute to Entrepreneur.com, Forbes and Linkedin

If you want to become an influential writer, start to cooperate with online media as Entrepreneur.com, Forbes, and Linkedin. By becoming a contributing writer, you build your personality. This never happens quickly, and you really need to write articles that your readers need.

You need to know how to create effective headlines, how to use keywords in your articles, and how to properly use visuals to strengthen the content.

9. Become an influencer

If you want to grow as a business writer or if you want to promote your business with writing, you need to remember that you may use your name as one of the most powerful tools.

If you become one of the people who have influence over other people’s decisions and thoughts, your writing will be more valuable and people will come to your website or blog to read your articles and posts.

Your personality will be a magnet for them, and you will become a real influencer. Popular internet media will ask you to contribute your posts and articles, and you will be able to use this for your business promotion.


Writing is a new way to earn money online. It is closer to digital marketing as it involves a huge number of different aspects. If you want to monetize your business experience with writing, you need to learn how to write properly and how to deliver your ideas to readers.

Thus, you will attract them and they will continue to come to your website to get some more ideas and find something useful for them.

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