OutreachBuzz Review and Tutorial

OutreachBuzz Review
OutreachBuzz Review

Today I’m going to review an interesting outreaching tool called Outreach.Buzz. I recently switched to get in touch with other bloggers and acquire backlinks for my blog and my clients.

The tool is quite straightforward to use and is a must-have if you’re doing guest posting or any kind of outreach work.  Start reading below to see why.

1. What is Outreach.Buzz?

OutreachBuzz is an outreach tool at a very good price for the features included. One thing that set it aside is the fact that it comes with predefined blogs lists that have been manually verified by their team. They scrape the web for websites that accept guest posting and also take manual submissions. If you own a blog and want to receive guest posts you may add it here.

If you have done outreach previously you know how difficult is to find guest posting sites that are still active, search for contact details and for SEO metrics of each blog before getting in touch with the owners.  Also is good to know these bloggers accept to be contacted and are looking for content to post on their websites.

1.1 Benefits for SEO Experts

  • Get relevant and authority backlinks through guest posting
  • Organize expert roundups for more traffic and links
  • Expand your authority through guest posting on media outlets
  • Suggesting content resource to complementary articles

1.2 Benefits For Small And Medium Businesses

  • Position yourself as an expert by posting articles in media
  • Advertise on top websites in your industry
  • Ask for reviews of your product from industry bloggers
  • Increase your brand’s visibility through PR
  • Get more links and traffic to increase your sales

1.3 Benefits For Bloggers

  • Get in contact with other bloggers from your niche
  • Write for targeted new audiences, similar to yours
  • Get valuable backlinks through guest posting
  • Suggest resources like infographics, videos or blog posts

2. Outreach.Buzz Features

There are several unique features that come packed in Outreach.Buzz making it unique in the market and helping users to get most of their outreach efforts.

2.1 Finding relevant websites

At the moment of writing, there are 3450 sites grouped in 38 niches.  Niches that have most sites are: Business (699 sites), IT (519 sites), Health (482 sites), News (351 sites), Blogging (327 sites), Design (300 sites), Sport (299 sites), Travel (284 sites), Food (256 sites).

In the picture below you see all the categories of sites that are available in this tool.

You should also use the search function because you will find even more sites because that function searches in Site Title, Site Meta Description and Site Keywords. So for the Business category, we find another 40 sites if we use search (738 sites instead of 699)

outreachBuzz Search Function
OutreachBuzz Search Function

2.2 Metrics Included for all sites

Besides manually verified site lists, metrics and filters you can use to find suitable sites for your campaign is another powerful feature.

I would briefly describe the metrics and tell you why are these important:

DA (Domain Authority) –  is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz that predicts how well website will rank on SERPs. A DA score ranges from 1 to 100, with higher scores corresponding to a greater ability to rank. Unfortunately, this ranking is not updated so often and can be easily enough manipulable by building massive backlinks to a site (ie. it doesn’t care to quality of links, only quantity).

MOZ Spam SCORE – Spam Score represents the percentage of sites with similar features Moz found to be penalized or banned by Google. More about it here.

CF (Citation Flow) – Citation Flow is a metric from 0 to 100,  trademarked by Majestic that refers to the popularity of a link in a site without considering the quality of these links.

TF (Trust Flow) – Trust Flow is a metric from 0 to 100, trademarked by Majestic that analyses how trustworthy a site is by measuring its quality.

FR (TF/CF Ratio) -The ratio between the above two metrics. Majestic found analyzing the backlink profiles of the Majestic Million (top 1 million domains they track), the top 25% of domains had CF/TF ratios near 1.09.  An average site had a CF/TF a ratio near 2.89. But here’s the important part: spammy domains (outliers on their bell curve) had ratios between 6.58 and 9.87!

AR (Alexa Rank) -The term Alexa Rank refers to an algorithm calculation of Alexa traffic ranking from users, such as reach and page views, who have an Alexa toolbar installed. Alexa does actually state on their website that ‘traffic rankings of 100,000 and above should be regarded as [very?] rough estimates‘.

Facebook page – If the website has a Facebook page, Outreach.Buzz scrape it and add the link so you can easily access it. You can easily contact the owner through the messenger link. You may use this method as a 2nd follow up after email.

Facebook Followers – Outreach.Buzz scrapes the number of followers of the Facebook page associated with the site. This is an indicator of the social activity of the website’s owner.

Twitter Profile – If the website has a Twitter account, Outreach.Buzz also scrape the link. You can follow the account and send a direct message.

Twitter Followers – They also scrape the number of Twitter followers and it can be used as a social media activity of the website’s owner. You may follow the account and their followers as this are closed to the niche.

Domain Social Reach – The combined number of Twitter followers and Facebook followers.

2.3 Filtering and sorting

You are able to sort the websites by Category, Search relevance, Domain Authority (Descending and Ascending), Moz Spam Score (Descending and Ascending), Domain Social Authority (Ascending and Descending), Alexa Rank, Facebook followers, and Twitter followers.

Now that I’ve explained you all the metrics comes into play one of the best feature of Outreach.Buzz: Filtering the list of websites by all these metrics.

You have absolute control on filtering the websites: Min and Max Domain Authority, Min and Max Moz Spam Score, Min and Max Citation Flow (CF), Min and Max Trust Flow (TF), Min and Max Flow Ratio, Min and Max Domain Social Authority, Min and Max Facebook and Twitter Reach, Min and Max Alexa Rank.

Depending on what approach are you using to select sites there are different filters you should use. Later on, I will tell you what filters I use to ask for guest posts.

2.3 Website Actions

For each website, you have several actions you can take and I will briefly describe them to you:

1 – Visit website: That’s simple. Will open the website in a new window.
2 – Visit Pages of interest: Will open a menu with pages of interest for each site (About us, Contact, Write for us, Advertise)
3 – Add site to project: Will add the site to a selected project. You can have more projects for each site.
4 – Copy email to the clipboard: Click on the email and is already copied in the clipboard so you can easily paste in your email client.
5 – See website’ s screenshot: You will see how the website looks like without having to open it in the browser.
6 – Add to favorites: If this website is important for you to add it to Favorites so you can easily contact it fast everytime you want.
7 – Server country: The country of the server where the website is hosted. Not really accurate as a way to identify website owner’s country.

2.4 Projects

I use projects to categorize different campaigns that I’m doing. As I work both for multiple customers I can easily keep track of outreach and article publishing campaigns.

First of all, you have to create a project by adding Project Name, Url of the website you advertise and a short description. You will be able to set the project to Private (Only you see it) or Shared (all members of your team can see it and work with it)

OutreachBuzz Create project
OutreachBuzz Create project

Next step is to add websites that you want to get in touch to the project. In less than 15 minutes I’ve added 30 sites that are a good fit for my guest posting project:

As you can see from the picture above you can easily set status for each website: Initial Contact, Writing Content, Submitted Article, Published or Rejected.

2.5 Favorites

As I’m doing multiple projects I use Favorites to pin websites that I already work with so I can contact them easily next time when I want to place content or offer them a deal.

2.6 Report website

Report bad site to Outreach.Buzz

If you encounter any site that is not suitable for guest posting you may simply report it to OutreachBuzz team so they can remove it.

There are 4 predefined reasons you can select: Inaccurate data, Website offline, Not accepting contributions or Other. Also, you may add a small message to the administration team. During my work, I find several sites that are not updated so I report them and saw them removed in several days.

3. OutreachBuzz compared to other tools

As I’m doing guest posting for quite some time already I’ve purchased guest posting lists but were mostly outdated. I’ve also got a GuestPostTracker account but most of the sites were not accepting guest posts or never replied to my emails.

BigGuestPosting.com is another tool that claims to have 50,000 guest posting sites but the list was scrapped automatically by keywords and there are a lot of duplicates and sites that do not accept contributions.

Ninja Outreach is also a complex outreach tool but their predefined lists are awful and email overused and I hardly receive a reply out of 50-60 contacted sites.

With their filtering options and manually curated lists, OutreachBuzz is the best option and I see great feature for this tool.

4. Pricing

There are 4 account types (one free and three paid). A free membership gives you limited access to only 100 or so websites while their database contains 3450 websites. Also, you can have only one project so this account type is only for testing purposes.

The smallest plan is Blogger priced at $39/monthly, there is an intermediary plan at $59 for smaller agencies and the $99 plan created for big agencies. Both smaller agencies and big agencies plan come with multiple user access, share projects between users and premium support.

Outreachbuzz Pricing Plans
Outreachbuzz Pricing Plans

There is also a 30 days money back guarantee so if in 30 days you decide OutreachBuzz is not for you may ask for your money back without any questions asked.

5. Support

There are several ways you can use to get in touch with OutreachBuzz support team: Contact form, Email, Phone, and Live Chat. I contacted them on Live chat for a quick help needed and Daniel explained everything very patiently. Kudos for that.


OutreachBuzz is a solid tool with great features that will benefit anyone that wants to spread the word about their business. You can do that by doing guest posts, looking for affiliates, ask for reviews etc. Would be great if it could have some features like automatic outreach and SEO traffic, but overall it does a great job for the money.

What’s your opinion on Outreach.Buzz?

Have a great week ahead and we will meet next week for a new review.

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