How to Get Your First 100 Email Subscribers

The money’s in the list, right? That’s what they say. In fact – email marketing might offer the best ROI in the game.

Check out the stats:

So you’ve built a site and you’ve set up a string of auto responses to send out to subscribers – but you’re struggling to get anyone on your list It’s not as uncommon as you might think.

Thankfully – there are a number of tweaks you can make to both your site and offer to bump up your numbers and take your business to the next level.

Create sharable, unique and compelling content

Some people rush their site to release in order to get as many subscribers as they can, as quickly as possible. Your site can really only grow if you offer good information and relevant content that people will appreciate.

Visitors don’t tend to sign up for a list if they aren’t impressed by the content already on your site – so don’t take them for granted. Great content gets shared and that can also do a good amount of marketing for you.

Keep your calls-to-action clear and above the fold

Many sites bury their opt-in boxes or bombard visitors with too many choices. If you want people to sign up to your list – make it clear. Repeat yourself. Try and be as simple as possible as to both what you’re offering, and what you’d like people to do (sign up to your list).

Create customized landing pages

You don’t just have to have one general page for all your traffic. You can create custom landing pages that are specific to different sources of traffic and can more uniquely cater for different types of users.

Offer value to your subscribers (both before and after they sign up)

Don’t trick people into signing up by offering something you can’t deliver. Offer real value and continue to give subscribers something relevant – or you’ll be diverted to the spam bin.

If you continue to offer value to subscribers, they’ll be more open to new things you offer them. But you also need to offer real value before they sign up. Try a free report or exclusive offer.

Test different layouts

Don’t just guess and assume you know which layouts convert the most visitors. Test it and prove it. Too many sites get stuck with a design or layout for no reason other than the owner likes it.

If it’s not converting enough – bin it. Try something different until you find something that really works.

Make sure you’re getting the right sort of traffic

If your site gets a lot of traffic from the wrong sources, you might find it difficult to convert people. Paid clicks can bring a lot of spammy, unmotivated visitors who aren’t really going to be worth much to you.

People who search for “active” keywords that are highly relevant to your niche are the sort of people you want – especially if you’ve got an offer they’re really going to appreciate.

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